The stutter and the maps

Eversmann eversmann at
Fri Jul 29 19:01:19 EDT 2005

I've noticed one thing doing tests on my server.

With server opened, 34 players, i use to have normal play, i've noticed 
some stutter on Kubra Dam and Danqin Oirfields (without having cpu 
overloaded). But i said to myself "must be the map or whatever".

But recently, i tried with server passworded, no punkbuster, and just a 
few of players (15 or so) and i see the same stutter on the map.

My think is: the sttuter could be on the map? by design? i remember in 
the bfv days when we had the "temple of lag" issue on one map.

That's really weird. I know the packet priority problem isn't resolved 
100% yet as Andreas said, but seeing that makes me think on something else.

What you guys think?

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