[bf1942] pb_ commands not echod to console?

Omnix (PsB) omnix at punksbusted.com
Wed Jul 27 09:49:17 EDT 2005

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 03:43:43 -0500
"Jay Vasallo" <jayco1 at charter.net> wrote:

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> From: "Jani Partanen" <jiipee at sotapeli.fi>
> > On Wed, 27 Jul 2005, Andrew Armstrong wrote:
> >> Via console (or pb_sv_plist) does not seem to return any
> >> information (just a blank line) when issuing the command to the
> >> server either via ingame rcon or telnet.
> The command is pb_plist 

I guess you wanted to reply to Andrew, not Jani.

pb_plist is not "the" command - there are many, which serve different
purposes.  pb_sv_* commands are server only, while pb_* commands are
player commands, as documented here:

http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/bf2-ad/ - pb_sv_* (server)
http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/bf2-pl/ - pb_* (client)

pb_plist only gives client accessible information, such as shortened
GUIDs (last 8 digits), while the server version pb_sv_plist gives full
32 digit GUIDs, IP addresses and player power rating.

The issue here is with server commands as they're executed over the RCON
system, not client commands.

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 03:50:14 -0500
"Jay Vasallo" <jayco1 at charter.net> wrote:

> Just to clarify, rcon was never needed to see whether or not a server
> had  valid pb players.
> Any player can type "pb_plist" and get an output to console seeing all
> players along with pb validation. 

There are many other reasons besides pb_sv_plist that PB feedback would
be useful.  See the above URL for all of the other commands that can be

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