[bf1942] all weapons unlocked? EA STATEMENT

Renegade Tyrant tyrant at rngd.net
Tue Jul 26 15:00:25 EDT 2005

EA's official statement about the 'issue':

Community Update - 7/25/05

Profiles with all Weapons Unlocked 

Many users logged into Battlefield 2 today to discover that they had access
to all of the game's weapons unlocked in their profile. We have fixed the
root issue that caused this to occur and by tomorrow morning all users will
return to having access only to the weapons which they had earned. Once our
solution is in place, if you find that you do not have access to weapons
appropriate to your in-game rank, please direct inquiries to the Support
sites linked below. In some cases users may be prompted to re-select the
Unlock weapons that they are eligible for (if you are eligible for two
weapons you will get to choose the two you wish to have unlocked). 

If you qualify for unlocked weapons but cannot unlock them contact
http://eatech.custhelp.com to report your technical issue and one of our
Support representatives.


I am still curious...was it a bug or someone hacking (as has been claimed)

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