[bf1942] all weapons unlocked?

Renegade Tyrant tyrant at rngd.net
Mon Jul 25 19:14:27 EDT 2005

I was just sent this by Ben Smith of EA

"The weapons unlock issue will be solved by morning."

Btw...i also asked him about the friendlies showing up red bug and he didn't
reply to that....god I hope they recognize that 'issue' (funny they cant
even use the word 'bug' in an email, maybe they have some kind of bot that
scours all EA emails and fires anyone who admits to any 'bug')

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Is there a fix ETA on the uk forums - Joining servers of 32 players
with pkms and auto shotguns is very quickly losing its luster :)

On 7/25/05, Steven Hartland <killing at multiplay.co.uk> wrote:
> Gamespy have apparently found the issue and a putting in place
> procedures to prevent it happening again.
> [quote=EA]
> There will be one thing which clients will experience which is
> any client who gained ranked between Sunday and this moment
> will need to re-select whichever weapon they chose to unlock
> with that gained rank.
> [/quote]
>    Steve / K
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