[bf1942] all weapons unlocked?

MaydaX maydaxone at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 15:50:58 EDT 2005

Me too, logged into BFHQ this morning nothing changed, I logged in again
this evening and all weapons unlocked.


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Yeah, same problem here - all weapons unlocked....
..I've been playing some hours when a clanmember reported that all weapons
are available. But not for me - except when i 
logged out and back in...

Einar S. Idsø schrieb:
> Yes, we were just informed about this a couple of hours ago by a player
> on one of our servers.
> I've posted on the ranked list, so I hope EA takes action as soon as
> they see it.
> Einar, Kybber @ Battlefield.no
> Eversmann Wolfspain.net wrote:
>>Someone reported me they're having a weird issue having all the weapons
>>unlocked on the ranked servers. On mine i had the issue (don't know if
>>it's still) and other guy told me he's having this on others ranked
>>server on the net.
>>Someone notice it?

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