[bf1942] server of VO-IP?

Jay Vasallo jayco1 at charter.net
Wed Jul 20 15:52:35 EDT 2005

> Hi!
> I didn't find any documentation on how to set a server for only voip. How 
> can i set a server for voip on a different machine for my first server use 
> it?
> Thanks.

Battlefield 2 offers the ability for teammates to communicate with each 
other in the heat of combat without resorting to third party applications. 
The Voice Over IP feature can either be hosted by the Battlefield 2 Stand 
Alone Server or by hosting a Battlefield 2 Stand Alone VOIP server.

Hosting a Stand Alone VOIP Server:  Hosting a Stand Alone VoIP server is 
very easy.  To allow multiple servers to connect to the SA VoIP server the 
admin must edit the voip.con file located in the C:\Program Files\EA 
GAMES\Battlefield 2 Server folder.  At default the voip.con file appears as:

55125 no_password

Edit this to:

55125 password

55126 password

55127 password

55128 password

For each server connecting to the SA VoIP server there must be a unique 
port.  The password can be the same for each instance.

Configuring multiple instances to connect to a SA VoIP Server:  Each server 
that connects to the SA VoIP server must use unique ports for each of the 
following values.

sv.voipBFClientPort 55123

sv.voipBFServerPort 55124

sv.voipServerPort 55125

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