[bf1942] 64bit linux BF2 performance stats

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Wed Jul 20 02:04:42 EDT 2005

On 7/19/2005 10:13 PM, ScratchMonkey wrote:
> <http://lists.matureasskickers.net/pipermail/tvservers/2004-December/000186.html> 

Yep, that tallies with what I remember finding before. I just tried it 
and it appears to work. One question though.. and maybe an Andreas can 
answer this.. Is there any point setting it on the child threads? 
Setting it on the top level thread doesn't propagate down to the child 
threads. Since they appear to use relatively little cpu time, I'm 
assuming there's no point locking them down as well..

I'll add this tip to the wiki as well..


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