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Mon Jul 18 16:14:55 EDT 2005


just a litte Story, maybe helpful for those who have the same problem, that
Client patch will not be applyable.

Hello Listmembers,

After the new patch 1.02 was available, I
downloaded it immediately. When I wanted to apply the patch, there
was a message displayed "Patch Failed". Same as with the patch 1.01.

Because of the same patching tool as it was at 1.01 patch, some problems oncurrs when 
you are going to apply the patch 1.02

So I solved the problem the same way as I did it with the patch 1.01

I started for patching BF2 again, as I reached the window "Ready to install
the Program", I changed to folder: "C:/Documents and Settings/"Name of
registration record"/Local
Settings/Temp/{F28E302F-792E-4740-8983-856A6347EE21}" - this code is on
every PC different. I copied the Files PATCH.RTP, PATCH.RTD, patch.exe,
patchw32.dll -  into the bf2-gamefolder and started the patch.exe. It WORKS!
It takes several minutes to apply the patch, so don´t get impatient when the
dos window stops for a while. It will close itself after successful

Now the patch is applied, but not that way EA Games wanted us to do, but it

I hope this will be helpful for other who have the same problem.

German ones can read this posting at
there is this complete Text in German.

Greetings from Germany,


P.S.: I hope I didn´t make too many mistakes ;o)

      Ok, I continually had problems with the 1.01 and 1.02 patches.  Every time I tried to join a game after patching, it gave me "The server you are connecting to allows only unmodified content, please revert to the official BF2 installation and try again"


      The MD5 sums showed me that the problem was the patches did not "go"  (thanks again)


      I installed on a second computer (that would not be able to play the game) and copied all the files over..  this worked.


      Now, I would like to "create" a new patch, that just does the differences of the files,   I know there are several utilities out to do this, but I don't know any good free ones.


      Can someone point me in the right direction?   And would someone be willing to host the patch I make?





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