[bf1942] Re. Re: [bf1942] Maplist commands behaving strangely?

Jorrit Schippers jorrit at gameparty.net
Sun Jul 17 12:12:02 EDT 2005

(sry for topposting, but this thread is already being topposted)
Nope, I've just tested it op 2484, it works exactly as said:
maplist.clear; admin.nextlevel will shutdown the server, at least at
Windows IA-32. I've posted this on the fun-o-matic wiki too.



Van: Giel van Schijndel [mailto:giel at kingofdos.com] 
Verzonden: zondag 17 juli 2005 13:27
Aan: bf1942 at icculus.org
Onderwerp: Re: [bf1942] Re. Re: [bf1942] Maplist commands behaving

Which server version are you using? Because there was a bug with
maplist.clear in version 1.0

European Tactical Battlefield Forces

thurlin at algonet.se schreef: 

		Why would you want to run a null level anyway?

	admin.nextlevel is not the same as admin.runnextlevel, which
runs the next 
	admin.nextlevel returns next map in rotation.
	The reason I'm asking is because I'm creating a server manager,
and the manager 
	shows the next map in rotation...but if someone just cleared the
	the gameserver crashes...
	Added a check to make sure maplist.list isnt empty before
issuing admin.
	nextlevel now, but it's still a bug in the server that needs to
be fixed.

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