[bf1942] Useless comments

Nicholas McGovern hydro at downclan.com
Sun Jul 17 11:39:25 EDT 2005

On Saturday 16 Jul 2005 22:29, Steven Hartland wrote:
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> From: "Nicholas McGovern" <hydro at downclan.com>
> > While we're at it, I don't suppose we could kick into touch those
> > dirty habits like top-posting and HTML emails? Lint for email
> > anyone? Maybe I'm just 'old school' but I remember when netiquette
> > guides were required reading.
> HTML while not required for mailing lists can add clarity in
> certain situations.
> Dont make me educate you about the use of top posting,
> suffice to say it along with HTML has its place when used
> correctly.

Please do. I've always wondered why Microsoft decided it was necessary 
to defy convention when it created Outlook. Or for that matter why it's 
usability experts didn't flag it up as a fault when it composes emails 
bottom-up instead of top-down, as is the norm with most of the world's 

I don't blame people for being subject to the conventions of their 
client. I do blame them for using a poor client though.

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