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Hello all, 


Just a suggestion to everyone. Please do not take this the wrong way. 


I was on this mailing list when it started and I left. Now I came back it's
still in its same spot .. 


Here is a problem if everyone can think twice before sending an e-mail out
that goes out to hundreds of people.. 


 This is not a place where you can chat. Or even make dumb comments that has
nothing to do with a bug fix or a support issue ..


I say about 50% of mail I get from this mailing list is people who are
saying one liners 


So let put up issues or bugs that you find and discuss that so at least We
don't get 500 e-mails and it gets us no where


Here is what I see a lot 



Yep, same exact behavior here or yep me to <nothing more and this is after
10 people saying the same thing> resolves nothing if your going to post
something at least provide some logs 


I would say 


1)    Post problem

2)    Post fix 

3)    Post suggestions

4)    Yes discuss a solution 

5)    No need for LAME comments or any one liners or a repeat of the same
thing over and over


Anyway please DO NOT respond to this e-mail 


Thank You 


PS: I'm sorry if you may get offend I'm not out Mock anyone  thanks again
and have a great day/night





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