[bf1942] Special Forces interview

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Thu Jul 14 17:05:51 EDT 2005

Wonderful, Even less assets to fix BF2.

If they think I am going to buy this, they are out of their mind.

Only reason I like MMORPG, is cause they have a good reason to continue

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Interview with the developers of the expansion pack coming in the fall:


Of particular note for us is a question on page 3:

> IGNPC: Are there going to be any new features server or browser side for
> people to look forward to like a better server admin interface or search
> functions?
> Yee: The focus on this expansion is really on the Special Forces. We also
> have the live team which is still handling Battlefield 2 support, which
> is looking at fixing a lot of those other problems.
> IGNPC: So hopefully a lot of that stuff will be taken care of before this
> expansion comes out.
> Yee: Hopefully.

Brimming with confidence, isn't he? :/

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