[bf1942] Non-Global Ranking

Mike Swain mjswain at charter.net
Wed Jul 13 11:19:19 EDT 2005

Yes but would'nt it require stealing the ranking database files or
reverse engineering them in order to create a working ranking database?
I think there is no way around violating EA's EULA :(

>>> Mikael Bååth<mikaelbaath at gmail.com> 7/13/2005 9:02:15 AM >>>
You may not change the server in any way, that's what the EULA says...
however, doing a local redirect on the IP of the account server,
pointing it to an own server which simulates the account server...
would be legal. (EA could ban you all they want, they would have no
legitimate reason to, but they could)
Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
European Battlefield 2 League founder.

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