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Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Wed Jul 13 10:52:56 EDT 2005

Well, I guess we know where EA is really going with this.

Anyone want to put up an unranked server now?
I suspect when we do, ours will be empty.

Note that as good as BIA was, it died as a Multi-user online game
as will it's add on, which features Co-Op with 2 people commanding
teams on the same side.  WOW!  Dead already.

I await COD2, and DOD:Source.  Have not heard anything negative
re:Valve, but they still have time for stupidity... Maybe we will get lucky.

BTW.  We should congratulate EA on the LOSS of rights to what is
probably the hottest, and finest baseball game since 3DO's High-Heat
Baseball.  They really are stupid.  Check out this months PCGamer for
the story.  is very much like an updated version, graphics of 3DO.
Very very Nice game, but they won't see a thing because they signed away
licensing for the next 7 years!  Doh!  Fire that guy.... Sorry, this is EA...
Promote him!  I smell the Peters principle at work at this company,
and it appears to extend all the way to the top.

Perhaps they should hack off and terminate the upper portion of the
management, promote from within, and they have a chance. The guys
in the trenches know it as well, but they can't exactly bite the hand
that feeds them..

Mark J. DeFilippis
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