[bf1942] BF2 news on Slashdot [OT]

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Wed Jul 13 10:26:55 EDT 2005

Yes, but we reserve the right to bitch and whine about how unhappy we are
with it.

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Oh and no matter what you know everyone on this list will still play
a crappy version of the game rather than not play at all b/c we all
love it!

Thanks E.A!

On Jul 12, 2005, at 7:11 PM, Kevin Mahoney wrote:

> I myself personally will never purchase another product from EA. I  
> bought 1942 and Vietnam and now BF2. I have spent more time  
> researching linux server problems
> and trying to get this game to run smooth than actually playing.
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>> Heh, I think the big thing is what PA summarised beautifully, as  
>> they are wont to do, and something I've been saying for ages -  
>> gamers are still prepared to shell out money for games without  
>> discrimination as to the quality of the boxed product:
>> " "We purport to be angry, but it is largely an ethereal anger,  
>> suitable for forums on the Intertron. There is no connection  
>> between my willingness to purchase shoddy products and the  
>> continued production of said products. At any rate, there is no  
>> connection that I am able to perceive." "
>> http://www.penny-arcade.com/news.php?date=2005-07-08
>> I haven't touched BF2 yet based off my experiences with both  
>> BF1942 and BFV - I'll wait until 6 months down the track when its  
>> actually what I would consider "release quality" after it's been  
>> patched repeatedly. I advise other gamers to do the same when they  
>> ask me, but judging from the number of people playing on our  
>> servers it seems everyone really would just rather get a buggy  
>> game earlier.
>> -- david
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>>> For those of you who wonder why games are constantly being released
>>> "before they're ready", check out this post:
>>> <http://games.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=155502&cid=13036831>

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