[bf1942] Anyone got info on when the hotfix is coming???

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Tue Jul 12 02:03:34 EDT 2005

On their side, EA has been bashed before for their "Crunch" and "Pre-Crunch"
policies.   Sometimes team members work in excess of 90 hours per week
(without overtime pay of course) for months at a time.


I imagine they are just glad to get it out the door at that point.


Can't much fault Andreas for going on vacation when he had the chance.



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Geez, just stop trying to make us all feel good.  Not for nothing,
but when we release a new product, we don't release it and
abandon ship.

As a CTO now, I get less vacation than the 4 weeks I used to get 18
years ago, when I could only get one week in really anyway!  Well, that
is how technology works here in NY anyway... I suspect there are
a lot of other places just like it. I couldn't get 3 weeks if I died! ;-(

No offense, but bad vacation timing. Even worse manager for
allowing it.  They really are that screwed up aren't they?

Give us the source. we will fix it before he gets back. ;-)

At 04:33 PM 7/11/2005, you wrote:

Hm, if that's the case, then Andreas said he's on vacation until August 1st,
so we're going to have a fair wait until a new version. Would be nice if EA
gave us some more information.

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