[bf1942] Are you rolling back to 1.0?

Webmaster webmaster at brenthoard.com
Sat Jul 9 17:15:41 EDT 2005

James Gurney wrote:

> We're also not rolling back to 1.0. As others have mentioned, the 
> inconvenience of restarting the server every few hours is far 
> preferable to the warping present in the previous version.
> James
More importantly, whose going to bother installing 1.02 when it is first 
released?  How long should the community wait to see if 1.02 *really* a 
patch, or just another digital pipebomb?

Frankly, I'm considering treating the patch like a SP for Windows -- 6 
weeks and if it sounds like its not shredding *too* many clients, then 
we considering testing it.  If tests show relatively client stability 
after 6 more weeks, then we put it on the list of patches to roll out to 
the larger community which could take *another* few weeks.


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