QA (was: Are you rolling back to 1.0?)

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Sat Jul 9 12:52:48 EDT 2005

--On Saturday, July 09, 2005 2:04 PM +0200 Panic <panic at> 

> The EA "test lab" and the QA-team is OBVIOUSLY not up to the task. As
> stated from a lot of members on this list earlyer, the best way to go
> would be to release beta versinos to this list, and let the developers
> iterate with US, and not with the INCREDIBLE INCOMPETENT team over at EA.

Exactly. Epic does this with UT2004 servers. Occasionally you get some 
moron on the list who rants about how he shouldn't have to test Epic's code 
for them, but we quickly shoot those guys down. They don't understand how 
good they have it. There are also 3 Epic employees on the list who have the 
authority to answer questions and speak candidly. (One is our own Ryan 
Gordon, Linux porter of the BF1942 server, and maintainer of the Linux and 
Mac ports for the UT2004 server.) How I long for other publishers to follow 
Epic's lead.

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