Getting Responses From PB in Python

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at
Fri Jul 8 17:14:14 EDT 2005

I've been trying to use PunkBuster commands from Python.  I try, for
and I get no response.  Other non-PB RCon commands (e.g.
host.rcon_invoke("admin.listplayers")) work fine.

Scanning the archive for this mailing list, I found
which suggests that with BF1942 and BFV, you could never get a response
from PunkBuster commands via RCon, *ever*, until a BFV patch that added
a new command:
which, after invoked, would allow PB responses to be passed through to RCon.

I'm wondering if something similar is going on with BF2--there seem to
be all kinds of features that were added in patches to BF1942 and BFV
that somehow didn't find their way into BF2, and I'm thinking this is
one of them--there certainly isn't a "admin.enableConsoleInfoServer"
command in BF2 right now.

Has anyone gotten any PB commands to return responses in Python?

--Forrest (aka "Woody)

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