[bf1942] Memory Leak Update

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Fri Jul 8 13:44:47 EDT 2005

|TF20|Shockwave wrote:
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>>It's been mentioned in a few places that the ranked providors have an open
>>line of communication with each other and EA themselves to track down
> things
>>like this. Most ideal solution for us? Probably not..But it's surely
> better
>>than nothing.
> Agreed.  I'm not knocking those who have been tapped to communicate on a
> higher plane, I'm just trying to understand why anyone in a corporate
> setting would choose to do business this way.  I have experience with
> software development, testing, implementation, and support in enterprise
> environments and what I am seeing transpire is ridiculous.  I honestly don't
> think it's a stretch to assert that those in charge are either incompetent,
> or are rich and powerful enough to afford, at least in their estimation, to
> be apathetic.  For example, nobody in their right mind would ever allow
> their key programmers to take vacation during the initial release of an
> important software product!
> There are a multitude of other examples that have been cited, but the end
> result is the same; those in charge are sending a clear message that
> unranked server providers and the community at large aren't worth dealing
> with in a responsible manner.  Even the ranked server providers are victims
> of collateral damage to some extent.  At a minimum it's a pathetic,
> short-sighted, irresponsible, and cavalier way of dealing with the
> situation.  I only hope I'll have a seat on the 50-yard line when karma
> comes calling.
> Shockwave

In simple terms, "we" don't matter.   Money does, and they don't see us 
as providing any source of direct or indirect revenue.   Glad I never 
spent the $50 on this game now.

Laters guys, it's been a blast :)


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