[bf1942] FYI: K-Play & EA are bringing more slots to Germany

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Fri Jul 8 11:43:30 EDT 2005

Well, wasn't this a thrilling release.  I am not surprised. They broke
the broken more, which makes it more broked? ;-) Hey the grammar
matches the quality of the patch...

The group of people on this list should be proud of themselves!
EA shows it's complete continued ignorance. They have a wonderful
resource here in that the people on this list do 3 months of QA in
3 days.  It took all of a day for the memory leak bug to be found?
Their suits are from the same breed that predicted VCR's's would
kill the movie theater industry!  NOT!  Then DVD's.  NOT!

I know I was going to un subscribe, but I always try to hold out hope.
I waited and hoped for the MOH series to the very end. It likely won't
change for BF2.  I just hope we get a stable server before everyone
switches their focus to Valve's new Day of Defeat:Source which
is < 8 weeks away and looks very awesome.  But that is what we
expect from a team of kids age 14-17 when they came out with the
DOD HL mod!  Geez, they were too young to have drinks then.

Is it right that we expect better from EA?  Perhaps they should look
at hiring more 14-17y/o's for the Q/A division?  At 42, I can't apply,
but I think it would help!  Not a chance. If they don't use this list
as a resource, the above would never even occur to them. :-(

So {Trv} still has no quality code so we can put up an empty
unregistered server too!

Mark J. DeFilippis
team-ravage.com, .net, .org, .us, .screwed

>In other news today, all the unranked servers still remain empty and 
>people start to wonder if hosting unranked BF2 servers has any use ...
>With kind regards,
>Anton Jansen

Mark J. DeFilippis, Ph. D EE          defilm at acm.org
                                       defilm at ieee.org

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