Spawning at enemy flag bug

Mikael Bååth mikaelbaath at
Fri Jul 8 10:36:37 EDT 2005

Has anyone else encountered this bug?
It just came up for discussion on #eb2l @ Quakenet. One of the
moderators were there to write about it at, even if you all
cant read swedish, you can look at the links.

These files comes with a testimony from Clan Des Damnés clan leader,
AzzKicker and TruB from the clan Veterans:
<AzZ`stage> ultimate bug
<AzZ`stage> enemy that spawns on YOUR flag
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> downloadin
<AzZ`stage> CDD takes the last flag, as MEC
<AzZ`stage> we think we've won
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> hehe
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> and they spawn at ur flagg?
<AzZ`stage> so we just start looking for the last US player alive (no
threat at all, since u can't use squad leader for spawning when u have
no flags)
<AzZ`stage> and suddenly the entire US team spawns on the last flag we captured
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> :P
<AzZ`stage> and of course, we lose
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> lol how stupid :P
<AzZ`stage> thanks to that bug, instead of winning like 90-0, we lose
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> THAT is fucked up!!!
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> haha
<Catch`NoddY[GS]> i just saw the video... i'll paste it around :P
<[VETS]PvtTruB> seen something similer.. havent downloaed it yet.. but
i got a screen of it
<AzZ`stage> seems to occur often
<[VETS]PvtTruB> happend like twice of what i noticed..
<AzZ`stage> happened to use once before, on Karkand 32 north-west flag
<AzZ`stage> where did it occure for you ?
<[VETS]PvtTruB> on one of the chineese maps..
<[VETS]PvtTruB> 32
<[VETS]PvtTruB> looking for the screeny..
<[VETS]PvtTruB> to explain some more.. i am china.. they just took the
flag.. and now im taking it back.. didnt think of checking if i still
could spawn there.. thought it was client side until i saw that vid
stage just posted..
<AzZ`stage> last week we played a war on Karkand 32
<AzZ`stage> we did a massive attack (as USA) on the north-west flag
<AzZ`stage> we were like 4 players on it
<AzZ`stage> and we could not capture it
<AzZ`stage> it stayed grey

Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
European Battlefield 2 League founder.

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