[bf1942] A plea to Andreas

Simon Garner sgarner at gameplanet.co.nz
Thu Jul 7 18:20:44 EDT 2005

On 8/07/2005 3:26 a.m., David Stevens wrote:
> Andreas,
> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, convince EA to let you release beta versions of 
> the server to us.
> We promise we won’t bitch about “Beta” software.
> The main reason I am ticked at this server release, is it took 2 weeks 
> to get to us..  If it would have been released to us right away, we 
> could have fixed the bugs and had **ANOTHER** version by now.
> Please?
> -          The BF2 mailing list.

I agree in principle but I expect the problem would be that the server 
updates often require a client update, and while they might be happy to 
have Dice release a beta server patch EA would not contemplate releasing 
beta client software to the masses.


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