[bf1942] Ranked Server Settings

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Thu Jul 7 12:31:44 EDT 2005

Giel van Schijndel wrote:
> Erm, I thougth this list was for server problems/solutions not for whining and 
> if you do wish to whine put [whine] in the subject so that my mailfilter filters 
> them, because it really drains my time to read all these senseless messages.
> Mortis
> European Tactical Battlefield Forces

You're new to this list, right?


> John Kennington schreef:
>>Actually, we have several courses of action:
>>1:  Not support the game.  Let them hand all the servers.  That would
>>require world wide coordination....doubtful.
>>2:  We could jus hack the game to allow ranking.  We could just say
>>"raspberries" to EA and Gamespy, and run hacked versions of the game.
>>3:  We could just continue to plod along as we always do in hopes that
>>things will get better (they won't, but hope springs eternal).
>>4:  We could start a world wide boycott of EA Games merchandise.  Maybe that
>>would wake them up....probably not.  Trying to get people to NOT buy things
>>is very hard...however it did kill Sierra.
>>John Kennington
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>>They should just rip that ridicules ranking system from our
>>battlefield. Stats hunters can play UT or somthing. The ones who want
>>to rise in level and gather experience can play WoW. This is
>>battlefield, it's about quick tactical decisions and rushing key
>>positions. Not gathering experience points.
>>At the moment people are gathering badges and rising in rank. This
>>game has lost it's meaning with the ranking system in place. What
>>happened to playing for fun? Now everyone is trying to idle on ranked
>>servers so they can get the badges where you need "10 hours in the
>>same squad and one round with over 200 team score"
>>The ranked servers are full and noone plays on unranked servers. The
>>constant shortage of servers nerfs the gaming experience. You have to
>>wait for an hour to get six people into a server that's populated,
>>because people are idling! Finaly in you have to wait for an hour more
>>to get on the same team.
>>Populating your own server is next to impossible, Entering six people,
>>we have been able to get three more to join after many attempts.

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