AW: [bf1942] Big memory leak in bf2 1475 Linux

Sascha thugz at
Thu Jul 7 10:22:24 EDT 2005

24841 games     15   0  760m 245m  15m S  9.0 32.8  92:57.40 bf2
24814 games     15   0  750m 233m  15m S  3.0 31.1  28:41.57 bf2

nothing more to say!

this "patch" making it even more worse... i cant play since i installed the
client patch, got on every server a ping which is 5 times higher than
normal. its lagging like hell, without patch it runs smooth...

i do the rollback and wait for a real patch ....


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Its not just the linux server its global :(
Strong mails have been sent to EA, we are considering
rolling back.

    Steve / K
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> Same here Linux, using 822MB while empty.  -Mike

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