[bf1942] Ranked Server Settings

John Kennington john.kennington at buzzcard.gatech.edu
Thu Jul 7 08:03:19 EDT 2005

Actually, we have several courses of action:

1:  Not support the game.  Let them hand all the servers.  That would
require world wide coordination....doubtful.

2:  We could jus hack the game to allow ranking.  We could just say
"raspberries" to EA and Gamespy, and run hacked versions of the game.

3:  We could just continue to plod along as we always do in hopes that
things will get better (they won't, but hope springs eternal).

4:  We could start a world wide boycott of EA Games merchandise.  Maybe that
would wake them up....probably not.  Trying to get people to NOT buy things
is very hard...however it did kill Sierra.

John Kennington

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They should just rip that ridicules ranking system from our
battlefield. Stats hunters can play UT or somthing. The ones who want
to rise in level and gather experience can play WoW. This is
battlefield, it's about quick tactical decisions and rushing key
positions. Not gathering experience points.

At the moment people are gathering badges and rising in rank. This
game has lost it's meaning with the ranking system in place. What
happened to playing for fun? Now everyone is trying to idle on ranked
servers so they can get the badges where you need "10 hours in the
same squad and one round with over 200 team score"

The ranked servers are full and noone plays on unranked servers. The
constant shortage of servers nerfs the gaming experience. You have to
wait for an hour to get six people into a server that's populated,
because people are idling! Finaly in you have to wait for an hour more
to get on the same team.

Populating your own server is next to impossible, Entering six people,
we have been able to get three more to join after many attempts.
Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
European Battlefield 2 League founder.

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