[bf1942] [bf2] Client Patch 1.01 didn´t work

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Thu Jul 7 05:57:23 EDT 2005

Thank you - I've taken the liberty of posting this on our forums.

Another problem with the patch is that even though it's only 13MB large,
it still requires around 770 MB free diskspace. One of our
communitymembers found a file called patchlog.txt in My
documents/Battlefield 2/dmp/:

error ept0029: Insufficient Storage Space to Apply Patch - You need at
least 781814690 bytes free.

Hope this helps someone.

Einar, aka Kybber @ Battlefield.no

Rüdiger wrote:
> Hi,
> just a litte Story, maybe helpful for those who have the same problem, that
> Client patch will not be applyable.
> Yesterday, here on mailinglist someone postet "patch available". So I
> downloaded the patch immediately. When I wanted to apply the patch, there
> was a message displayed "Patch Failed".
> So, I thought i was my virusscanner which avoid patching my BF2
> installation. No, it wasn´t. I stopped the scanner and tried it again. Still
> doesn´t work. After that I tried some other tests but nothing helped me. I
> was deinstalling and reinstalling the Battlefield 2, because I thought,
> maybe it is damaged in any way, but it still won´t work. At least I thought
> it was a driver problem and startet windows into safe mode to apply the
> patch. It didn´t help anyway. After restarting my PC into normal Windows
> mode, I had a helpful idea:
> I started for patching BF2 again, as I reached the window "Ready to install
> the Program", I changed to folder: "C:/Documents and Settings/"Name of
> registration record"/Local
> Settings/Temp/{F28E302F-792E-4740-8983-856A6347EE21}" - this code is on
> every PC different. I copied the Files PATCH.RTP, PATCH.RTD, patch.exe,
> patchw32.dll -  into the bf2-gamefolder and started the patch.exe. It WORKS!
> It takes several minutes to apply the patch, so don´t get impatient when the
> dos window stops for a while. It will close itself after successful
> patching.
> Now the patch is applied, but not that way EA Games wanted us to do, but it
> works!
> I hope this will be helpful for other who have the same problem.
> German ones can read this posting at
> http://www.sawaworld.de/thread.php?threadid=1933
> there is this complete Text in German.
> Greetings from Germany,
> Rüdiger
> P.S.: I hope I didn´t made too many mistakes ;o)

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