[bf2] Client Patch 1.01 didn´t work

Rüdiger Webmaster at robin1977.de
Thu Jul 7 02:58:17 EDT 2005


just a litte Story, maybe helpful for those who have the same problem, that
Client patch will not be applyable.

Yesterday, here on mailinglist someone postet "patch available". So I
downloaded the patch immediately. When I wanted to apply the patch, there
was a message displayed "Patch Failed".
So, I thought i was my virusscanner which avoid patching my BF2
installation. No, it wasn´t. I stopped the scanner and tried it again. Still
doesn´t work. After that I tried some other tests but nothing helped me. I
was deinstalling and reinstalling the Battlefield 2, because I thought,
maybe it is damaged in any way, but it still won´t work. At least I thought
it was a driver problem and startet windows into safe mode to apply the
patch. It didn´t help anyway. After restarting my PC into normal Windows
mode, I had a helpful idea:
I started for patching BF2 again, as I reached the window "Ready to install
the Program", I changed to folder: "C:/Documents and Settings/"Name of
registration record"/Local
Settings/Temp/{F28E302F-792E-4740-8983-856A6347EE21}" - this code is on
every PC different. I copied the Files PATCH.RTP, PATCH.RTD, patch.exe,
patchw32.dll -  into the bf2-gamefolder and started the patch.exe. It WORKS!
It takes several minutes to apply the patch, so don´t get impatient when the
dos window stops for a while. It will close itself after successful

Now the patch is applied, but not that way EA Games wanted us to do, but it

I hope this will be helpful for other who have the same problem.

German ones can read this posting at
there is this complete Text in German.

Greetings from Germany,


P.S.: I hope I didn´t made too many mistakes ;o)

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