[bf1942] Patch DOES not fix +joinServer ( was: Patch does not fix +joinServer ( with port ) )

Andrew Von Niederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Jul 6 16:18:29 EDT 2005

Was this ever working in 42?

When putting in passwords from external programs (ASE particularly) it
would never accept it and just prompted for the password every time..

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Anyone tried joining a passworded server? it appears +password isnt
working, unless im just inept...

On 7/6/05, ScratchMonkey <ScratchMonkey at matureasskickers.net> wrote:
> --On Wednesday, July 06, 2005 6:20 PM +0100 Steven Hartland
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> > It just joins after u enter ur details or press ok on the saved
> >
> >     Steve / K
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> >
> > Wonder how they deal with the login. Saved password and uses the
> > default? Maybe login manually, then it sends you straight into the
> > server you specified?
> Dumb. Tribes 2 lets you put the login info on the command line, so you
> quickly jump right into the game. What does Steam do? (Not at my game
> client machine right now.)

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