[bf1942] Unranked files download

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Wed Jul 6 10:58:47 EDT 2005

It does install it to /home/stoop/bf2   however, it also installs a (copy?)
to /home/stoop/bf2/bf2

Both dirs look to have the same stuff (on casual observation)

How do I check a dir size in linux?

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The installer will tack on /bf2 to the destination directory you give it.

Install it to: /home/stoop

And it will install bf2 to /home/stoop/bf2 as you would expect.

- Plasma

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>I have a problem here (I think.)
> Commandline is ./linuxblahblah.sh --target /home/stoop/bf2
> "Would you like to install the PunkBuster software now?
> Please type 'yes' or 'no': yes
> The target installation directory is where the bf2 directory will be 
> created
> and must be an existing directory.
> Enter your target installation directory: /home/stoop/bf2
> Installing BF2 to /home/stoop/bf2/bf2...
> Installing PunkBuster...
> "
> Is the line "Installing BF2 to /home/stoop/bf2/bf2..."
> A problem? Or not?
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> Note: The linux installer now installs only the base OS files
> so if u want both --keep --target tempdir are your friends
> WARNING: This patch still includes the rcon vulnerability so
> please ensure u apply the attached patch
>    Steve / K
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> From: "Ivo Silva" <ivo at war-zone.net>
>> http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/battlefield2/us/downloads.jsp
> d-1.1.2475.0-installer.sh
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