[bf1942] New update announced?

Jorrit Schippers jorrit at gameparty.net
Wed Jul 6 10:30:37 EDT 2005

2475 is the build, and it's used for the client too. I just wonder why
it isn't 1.01.2475 instead of 1.1.2475 

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Van: Per Kristiansen [mailto:per at gathering.org] 
Verzonden: woensdag 6 juli 2005 15:40
Aan: bf1942 at icculus.org
Onderwerp: Re: [bf1942] New update announced?

> And besides that, why are they calling the next version both 1.01 and 
> 1.1.2475? Shouldn't it be or something? What will the 
> full version be of the real 1.1 patch then?

the 1.01 it's the client patch, while the 2475 is the server version

Per Kristiansen
per at gathering.org

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