[bf1942] Linux patch version fatal issues?

Ben Jensz frozen_hell at 3fl.net
Tue Jul 5 22:56:43 EDT 2005

I'd say it's not setting sv.serverIP and sv.interfaceIP

sv.serverIP from what I can tell sets the IP address of the game server 
to run on, whereas sv.interfaceIP binds the listening port of 29900 to 
an IP, as if you don't set the latter one, it defaults to listening on 
all IP addresses that the machine has.. so this will conflict when 
running multiple servers from the one machine.

Without connecting to it with updated client software, it appears to 
work fine from my testing of it... (let's just hope the CTD issue is fixed).

/ Ben

Daniel Rudolph wrote:

> Steven Hartland wrote:
>> Anyone else have major troubles with this?
>> All I get is:
>> Battlefield II Dedicated Server v1.1.2475.0(IA-32)
>> "Multiplay.co.uk :: Test #1 (DONT JOIN)"
>>                                         Map:
>> Game mode:                               Mod: bf2
>>                                                             Status: 
>> [no game]
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Hi,
> i saw this once when you set not avaiable ips in the 
> serversettings.con as interface ip or server ip. But just a guess - 
> new version not tested yet.
> Cya
> Daniel

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