[bf1942] BF2 Stats

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jul 5 13:51:57 EDT 2005

Rüdiger wrote:

>I think you misunderstood my question last time. I would like to know if
>there is a complete script to display the stats of an unranked server on a
>Homepage. Not the playerstats of ranked servers. I am not a good PHP-coder,
>so its a unsolvable problem for me to code such a script. Can anyone help me
>with a complete stats script for listing players who played on the local
>unranked BF2-server?
If you are asking about a persistent ranking system for servers that are
not part of the EA ranking system, the answer, as far as I know, is NO,
not yet.  Several people have said, however, that they are working on
such things (including me). I think you just have to be patient until
someone announces they have one working (in other words, "soon", in

--Forrest (aka "Woody")

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