BF2RCON Webinterface available

Timo Hilbertz hilbertz at
Mon Jul 4 04:25:38 EDT 2005

hi  list,

our developer "Imperator" has just published the new release of his BF2 RCON
Webinterface. There are two Versions available:

- Standalone
- phpBB Addon

With BF2RCON you are able to to basic RCON commands for BF2 with a simple
and easy to use webinterface:

- view maplist
- view current map
- view next map
- change map
- set next map
- restart map
- view playerlist
- kick player
- ban player (round/perm)
- view banlist
- remove ban from banlist

Visit to test the BF2RCON webinterface and
get the latest version as a standalone release or for your own phpBB forum.

Bobby Shaftoe

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