[bf1942] Problems with battle recorder methodology

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Sun Jul 3 18:26:51 EDT 2005

Hmm... are you saying that rotate_demo.py doesn't have access to all the
internal python-stuff, such as the bf2 and host objects? Ouch, that is
pretty bad! Hope it gets fixed somehow, Your suggestions seem good, and
I too would *really* like to see +overlayPath back again :)


Steven Hartland wrote:
> The way the battle recorder works is currently causing issues
> due to the way it hooks to external exe's.
> What's the problem:
> Due to the fact the script is external from the server it has no
> context and as such there is no way of telling which server
> instance created the demo and hence who should have
> access and where it should go.
> The solution:
> 1. Run the script in the main engine
> The problem with this is obviously uploads cant take some time
> so this would need to be run in its own thread within the server.
> 2. Enable the demos to be saved to a specific directory based
> on a config or command line parameter. Do wish +overlayPath
> was still there :p
> 3. Enable additional parameters to be supplied to the script
> based on again either config or command line parameters.
> The simplest one of these is #2 but something needs to be
> done to solve this issue.
>    Steve / K
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