[bf1942] News about nick change in 1.01?

Mikael Bååth mikaelbaath at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 13:42:01 EDT 2005

It's outrageous that they lock the accounts to gamespy ids.

If gamespy was a program without spyware, it wouldn't be such a big
beef, but since the program is totaly corrupt with spyware, it's not
welcome on my machine, neither will I use their services.

I wish spyware would be made illegal in such ways so I never have to
see a program try to give anyone spam without them clearly knowing it
will before they install.

Locking the account to gamespy should also be illegal. Should I have
to give gamespy full access to my computer just so I can use the game
fully? I bought the game. All the content should be mine to administer
in the ways possible to me. Functions put over to a third party which
happends to be corrupt, is unacceptable. They should be available to
me as an owner of the game, for free, without spyware.
Spyware is practically built in to BF2 as it is right now. I bet EA
gets theirs from Gamespy for forcing people to sign up.
Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
European Battlefield 2 League founder.

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