[bf1942] Networking code Bugs - Fixed or not in 1.01 Patch, Andreas plz.

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Sun Jul 3 10:50:16 EDT 2005

So, remember last Friday when everyone was expecting the patch to be out
before the weekend?


Well, that was a week ago, and still  no patch.


Who thinks we MIGHT have a patch this week?




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Subject: [bf1942] Networking code Bugs - Fixed or not in 1.01 Patch, Andreas


Andreas, is the 1.01 the patch you are referring to in this quote? Or this
problems with the Networking code are only going to be fixed in the 1.1?

Thanks :)

"I thought I should give an update on what we know about this bug. 

We have been working hard with this here and have found several bugs in 
the networking code that could explain things. Some of the fixes were 
included in the demo, which is a later build than the one we sent out to 
production (2446.12 > 2442). This explains why people haven't seen the 
issue as much there. Other fixes was done after 2446, and will be 
included in the patch we will release "soon". 

It wasn't really an issue with the speed of the internet-connection or 
the speed of the machine running the server. It was rather how the 
server prioritized which objects it should send updates about to which 
clients. If the client doesn't receive object-updates it will try to 
update their position based on the latest information it has (basic 
interpolation). This makes objects behave weird when updates are not 
frequent enough. 

Hopefully we have fixed all issues concerning this. If not we should at 
least have made things a lot better. I guess we'll see the truth of it 
when we release the patch  :) 


Best regards,
Ivo Silva
Sales/Technical Support Executive
HighTechVisionT / War-Zone.net
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