[bf1942] Attracting Players

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Fri Jul 1 13:23:24 EDT 2005

You're overlooking the stats part..One of the big features folks like is
being able to compare their rank to others' (BFHQ and the projects polling
stats from it), and looking at their detailed player stats. Once the stat
trackers are online and word of mouth spreads, the global ranking system
won't be so hot. Sure, the unlocks legally can't be included, but as you
pretty much implied - The rate of unlocking them is so slow as it is. Most
folks will burn out on that fast..

I really do think we'll continue to see the flocking to ranked for another
month probably, but beyond that the unranked servers will start getting
attention again.

Any mod team throwing away bf2 over this is useless anyway. Sure, there's
delays on it, but any mod that can not make good use of this time and pass
the blame to ea (as it should be) probably is not worth playing. What engine
will they go to? Source? Ha...

My point is that this is just the 'new and hot' fad phase..It will wear off
I'm sure. We run a ranked and unranked, and I personally would rather see
the unranked packed 24/7 but the reality is not that. Our cost for being
ranked is not an issue at all, the issue is the restrictions put onto it
(which actually aren't all that bad thus far). The unranked would be a lot
more "cool" because I could put local stats, maybe a custom unlock mod
(custom weapons for unlocks), better administration tools, pb config access,
pbss download access, etc, but maybe EA and their partners will even bend to
some those wishes eventually, taking away what unranked's potentially have
going for them...Time will tell.

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Ditto. But i dont think the suits at EA care. Their feeling is -
'good, more income for us' - But - Lots of modders are considering
dropping the game too - Waiting around for silly things like a server
that can actually play a mod, hell waiting for a server that can stay
online sucks enough. Dates being pushed back on everything from
release to patches to tools, to simply make them more money isnt worth

As for the 'rank whores' out there - show them the simple math that
has to do with ranking. considering there are 365 days in a year, and
you were to spend them ALL playing bf2 - For the next 6 years (2109
days), and scoring up about 75 THOUSAND points a day (76904) (53
points a minute - If you didnt sleep, or stop to eat - you WILL make
sargeant major of the corps! ....for a couple of lousy firearms....

To advance to PFC: 500 total (+500)
To advance to Lance Corporal: 1000 total (+500)
To advance to Corporal: 11,000 total (+10,000)
To advance to Sergeant: 21,000 total (+10,000)
To advance to Staff Sergeant: 221,000 total (+200,000)
To advance to Gunnery Sergeant: 421,000 total (+200,000)
To advance to Master/First Sergeant: 4,421,000 total (+4,000,000)
To advance to Sergeant Major: 8,421,000 total (+4,000,000)
To advance to Master Gunnery Sergeant: 88,421,000 total (+80,000,000)
To advance to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps: 168,421,000 total

On 7/1/05, Evan Bills <evanbills at gmail.com> wrote:
> We got the same problem.  I can't even get my clanmates to play on our
> server because of this ranking BS.
> We too will pull up stakes if at the end of the month things aren't
> different.  I had high hopes for this being "the next great game" for
> our clan, but that is eroding because of the ranked server problem.
> On 7/1/05, Scummy <scumbucket at cox.net> wrote:
> > I can only speak for my club which has been around for 8 years starting
> > Valve and then EA Games Servers.
> >
> > In the last 3 days we have gone from having 21,581 players since BF2
> > to zero players. (this can be proven by Server Spy on our main page)
> >
> > Everyone has gone to ranked servers with all the bells and whistles that
> > they offer.
> >
> > For the first time I am faced with shuttling the Pirates Bloody Cove or
> > seeking another game to host.
> >
> > EA, to you I hope that you are proud of yourself for driving out the
> > server operators.
> >
> > Our club has support BF1942 and Vietnam but now with this Ranking Server
> > future supporting EA is in question.
> >
> > We are a club that is committed to maintaining a safe and a fun server
> > our wayward net sailors to call their gaming home port.
> >
> > Sure we could rent a Ranked Server but then that's all that our club
> > afford. Right now we have a host of options by operating our own box.
> >
> > I will stick it out one more month before I decide to drop EA.  It is a
> > shame that EA has done this us!
> >
> > [pbc]ScumBucket
> > www.piratesbloodycove.com
> >
> >
> >
> >

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