[bf1942] BF2 VOIP Partially Broken

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Fri Jul 1 10:43:49 EDT 2005

Sorry, can you elaborate?

The machine I am renting has 8 IP's, and I currently bind to the first one.
I don't know exactly how they have done this.

I am not exactly a Linux guru, and I don't quite understand what is wrong,
but I get the exact same problem.

Can you elaborate a bit?



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Just to update, this WAS infact the problem. After setting the server to 
use the machine's main IP, all of the VoIP problems went away.

I hope a developer is reading this and takes note!

dackz wrote:
> On my Linux retail server I've noticed that VOIP seems to work 
> inconsistently between people. For instance PlayerA is talking over VOIP 
> to his squad, but only PlayerB and PlayerC can hear him and PlayerD 
> cannot. Then PlayerC talks and only PlayerB can hear him. Then PlayerD 
> talks and no one can hear them, yet everyone has their microphone 
> settings properly configured.
> I was looking through the mailing list archives and noticed something 
> about VOIP servers not binding to IPs properly, but I'm not sure if they 
> were referring to the standalone version or if they were even referring 
> to BF2. I am running the server on an IP that isn't the machine's main 
> one though. The machine's internet IP is x.x.x.1 while the IP we want 
> the BF2 server to bind to is x.x.x.2. I have sv.serverIP and 
> sv.interfaceIP set to the latter.

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