[bf1942] admin.changeMap issues

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Wed Jan 19 16:51:00 EST 2005


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Great Jorrit how do I go about fixing the maps? Is there a utility to do it?
I have striprfa which can extract .rfa files but nothing that can add files.

    Steve / K
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> Hello,
> I had the same issue with my Infantry Mod. You just need to have a map
> GameTypes inside the map rfa with the required .con files (Conquest.con
> etc.) and maps with the name of the gametype in the root of the map.
> Check out my edited version of berlin.rfa, which loads correctly:
> http://www.infantrymod.com/temp/berlin.rfa
> It used to have the same problem, until I inserted those files.
> Jorrit Schippers

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