[bf1942] No CTF in BF2?

Andrew vonNiederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Tue Feb 22 15:13:10 EST 2005

Its kindof like BFV..

BFV IMHO was in some ways a step back from bf42. Almost like they didn't
learn from what BF42 taught them..

Hopefully BF2 isn't the same case.. 

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i think the strong feelings have to do with extreme potential 
dissappointment, because bf42 rocked and we would all like to see the 
successor game rock, too, because we (or i at least) would love to play the 
game it could be.

At 01:30 PM 2/22/2005, you wrote:
>Hey, the whole BF2 game is just Desert Combat with some additional 
>whistles and bells. What do you expect ? The coming of the messias ?
>I really can't take all this pathetic stuff in here anymore.
>Nobody forces you to buy and play it !
>On the other hand, this is still the BF1942 mailing list. Haven't heard a 
>lot about this subject for a long time now. Any new patches ? LOL.
>Brigham Stevens wrote:
>>The project manager posted (and I don't have the URL but it is on 
>>planetbattlefield somewhere) about how the new ranking system turns the 
>>game into an MMO without the 10$ per month fee.
>>Right... and a 64 player server cost how much?   Anyways, I emailed him 
>>to plead the case for CTF and not having lockable weapons... They can 
>>keep their rank as far as im concerned but lockabale weapons are STUPID. 
>>What, are we going to have generals running around the battlefield with a 
>>BFG? Or will it just be a reveolver with perl handles?
>>Anyways, let's just hope the modding potential is good so EA can have 
>>their game and we'll have ours..... I guess the last thing I'm afraid of 
>>is they broke the stats worse than with bf1.6 because they want to be the 
>>only stat providers...  I assume they did not diminish any of the stat 
>>Lee Latham wrote:
>>>They'll just end up doing it after release after the uproar when it's 
>>>not there.  If that's true, my guess is that an incompetent project 
>>>manager is in charge...not good...no game software project manager of 
>>>any competence or experience would consider leaving CTF out altogether 
>>>in a game like this.
>>>At 07:20 PM 2/18/2005, you wrote:
>>>>Have you read that here or in an interview? I agree, it truly would be 
>>>>sad if CTF is left out.
>>>>>From: Brigham Stevens <brs at vikingmind.com>
>>>>>This plus the fact that they killed CTF means this game is doomed.
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