[bf1942] Re: Re: How could DICE agree to this??

Andrew vonNiederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Feb 16 18:36:56 EST 2005

I believe the ET system can be done on any server..

The issue at hand isn't the ranking system but the fact that you can only
earn rank on official EA or EA Rented servers basically ousting the non EA
server community. And I can see why EA did this, you self source something
like this out and there is a good chance of increasing your server rental

As far as allowing official rankings to happen off official servers there
have been several games that do it on all servers, the unreal tournament
series comes to mind with their NetStats where a player actually creates an
account and their client logs their stats (and I haven't really heard of
anyone "spoofing" their stats in UT)

More importantly I would like to know (which I didn't see in that interview
so I apologize if this has been answered) can a non EA Server disable the
unlocking weapons and methods? Mainly for things like match competitions and
the like, you can't have an inbalance where some teams will have unlocks and
others will not. (I'm guessing he answer is yes, at least I hope it is yes)

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> The problem is they are talking about unlocking weapons only if you
> have a certain rank.
> which is a rank idea.

Works perfectly in Enemy Territory (if not getting access to weapons, 
getting special features/abilities for those weapons); I've assumed 
they're adding in a system that is similar to the ET system, so I (for 
one, it seems) can't wait to see it.

-- trog

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