[bf1942] How could DICE agree to this??

Dave Snodgrass dave at setupahost.net
Wed Feb 16 12:52:34 EST 2005

>> However - I would be willing to bind my servers to a credit card 
>> number or some other way of indicating a) age b) legitimacy . 
>> Possibly even tie servers that want to send stat info to EA to my 
>> cd-key. If they discover spoofed data, i agree to allow my cd key 
>> (and therefore any ranked users tied to the key) to be destroyed
> You might be prepared to do this, but I think you'd be in a minority. 
> The idea that you can't fully use the game unless you play on an 
> "official" server is sheer lunacy. All my clanmates, and server 
> regulars pretty much play on our server only. If people need to jump 
> on an official server to boost their rank, it will destroy the community.

You didnt read my suggestion. It wasnt for all of those 100 players - It 
was for the 1 server owner. He/she/you could tie that server's ID to 
your CC or to your cdkey. If you dont want to, run an unranked server. 
But at least this would give us a method of running a non-ea, yet ranked 

> I mean.. I have a dual opteron machine with 2GB of ram, sitting on a 
> 100Mbps connection which is basically dedicated to running BF based 
> games. We're already uncertain about whether we're going to move to 
> BF2, and this is just another reason to tip the balance in favour of 
> not doing so (which would result in at least 100 people or so not 
> buying the game. Small potatoes, I'm sure, but I bet it adds up fast).

Must be very nice to have loyal players like that. But in reality, those 
people will likely still buy it, and likely play somewhere they can 
collect some rank. They wont LIKE it - but i bet at least a fair 
percentage of those 100 players have already pre-ordered. A few small 
potatoes wont scare them. We need to present ea/dice viable options for 
how we can work with the system they are establishing. As ive said 
previously, this is likely all focused on security/verification issues.

> If anyone from DICE is still reading this list.. it would be nice to 
> know if the interview is indeed correct, or if we're worrying about 
> nothing.
> James
> !DSPAM:42138310169721945743925!

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