[bf1942] How could DICE agree to this??

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Wed Feb 16 12:39:28 EST 2005

>> Yeah, limit the ranking to the official EA noobfest servers. That'll
>> do a lot of good.

>I'm sure the big issue here is security. How do they tell a legit server
>from an illegit server spoofing stats?

Tieing to an account of sorts, that requires more than a hotmail address so
that folks can be held accountable. Perhaps tie in with the bigger GSPs and
hopefully still offer a Credit Card or similiar option on the side.

>> If they lock down earning ranks to EA servers only, do they expect
>> private server admins to honor those ranks in their config files? Hell

>They think it will somehow increase EA server sales/rentals.

Psh, we'd likely move to another game rather than rent a server from EA.
I've yet to see one Chicago-ish located, at least that was on anything near
a decent machine/connection. If they do go this route, I somehow doubt they
will deploy many more servers than present.

>> They should require that the private servers register with them to
>> provide the ranking/stats connection. Register on EA, hell even a
>> small monthly fee for 'maintaince' of their ranking backend would be
>> perfectly fine especially with some of us larger gaming groups.

>Bah humbug. They are going to provide the ranking system free of charge
>- They can collate stats from leaf servers free of charge too - Its
>still cheaper than running a server :)
>However - I would be willing to bind my servers to a credit card number
>or some other way of indicating a) age b) legitimacy . Possibly even tie
>servers that want to send stat info to EA to my cd-key. If they discover
>spoofed data, i agree to allow my cd key (and therefore any ranked users
>tied to the key) to be destroyed

Yes! That's all that is needed, is accountability. If someone wants to
inject bogus stats fine, so long as they get clamped upon. It wouldn't take
much for manpower to run a script looking for abnormalities in the stats..Oh
wait, didn't they already boast about that sort of thing in a recent
interview? (Was about how they made sure the classes were balanced)

>> It's not even like the official EA servers are well moderated........I
>> had high hopes, but all of the news to late is souring that. :(

>>Well moderated? you should change that to 'Its not like offical ea
>>servers are moderated at all'

I was trying to be nice....! :)

And to skip ahead a tiny bit -- I think lots of server admins would be
willing to tie the server account to a CC to provide stat tracking and the
'other' features. Perhaps not with a smile, but it is obvious that open
season on stats entry is a bad, bad idea. Now, if they had for example two
ways to run the ranks -- One to use global ranks, while on EA servers, and
ANOTHER to use only on a local server or local network of servers. These
servers would collect and maintain their own stats and ranks for the
players. We too have LOTS of regulars, folks whom don't play anywhere else
really if they can help it. We already run local stats tracking, and the
folks eat it up. I would have zero gripe if it turned out this way, so that
the private server admins can still run stats, just not linked to EA's pub
stats. I'd actually rather like that. *shrug*

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