[bf1942] How could DICE agree to this??

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Wed Feb 16 11:11:43 EST 2005

At bf2gaming.com we did a poll and almost everybody said the same: this will
ruin the game totally. Also, i have lots of bad comments and bad mood for
this. Better EA take care of this, if they don't want to lose customers. You
know, if people want to make a movement on internet, they can do.

Personally, i don't like the ranking system, is like you said, casual and
delayed players will be hurted and they can even stop playing the game (and
spreading the word about how bad is playing this way). But if they finally
add it to the game, at least, private servers MUST be in the ranking system.
Don't forget, EA, that players run private servers to have full control of
it, hardware, bandwidth, SO, configurations.... and most of all doesn't want
to be asking for doing anything: they do and that's all.

Take a look at these two threads and you'll see lots of examples:


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> Did anyone else see this interview?  A former customer of mine showed it
to me.
>>  They did this with Americas Army and it didnt work out that well.
<sarcasm mode>
America's Army? Was that a game?
</sarcasm off>
I hope this ranking non-sense is indeed non-sense, because it'll ruin BF2
for the casual player, only a very small amount of players will benefit from
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