[bf1942] battlefield 2 list?

Luke luke at techfreak.org
Wed Feb 9 18:12:29 EST 2005

Thanks, guys. Heres hoping that the game rocks and that the Linux
server is out on time!! woohoo!!


Andrew vonNiederhausern said:
> Considering they have pushed the game back to June.. there are no
> excuses
> now to not have a linux server at ship time..
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> Its the right list. There are plans for a linux server. When it
> ships
> remains to be seen but everyone here is hoping desperately that
> it will ship on release as otherwise a disaster will occur :(
>     Steve / K
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> From: "Luke" <luke at techfreak.org>
>> Sorry if this is the wrong list to send this to. I am looking for
>> information on any plans for a Linux server for BF2?
>> I figured if this isnt the right list, then at least you all can
>> probably direct me to any relevant sites, etc.
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