List alive?? can't connect to server! pls help

Brigham Stevens brs at
Fri Feb 4 18:45:33 EST 2005

I have a new server running Fedora Core3.

All the latest bf/patches/etc....

I have:
game.serverInternet 1

in serversettings.con, and i have no serverautoexec.con nor 

Also, the server starts up fine:

./ +statusMonitor 1

I have disabled the RH FC3 firewall

What else should I look at? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I have 
had no problems getting it to run on RH 7.3, my other server is just fine.


Brigham Stevens wrote:

> Brigham Stevens wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Last Friday I was hositng a large tournament on my server.
>> It is the latest linux dedicated running on RH 7.3 (ARRG H! i know, old)
>> Well... Suprise suprise the password was totally ignored.
>> In gamespy and the server list is showed password protected, but it 
>> never prompted for pwds.. .So after starting 40 minutes late we 
>> decided to ban people who joined and to go with it.
>> Is this a problem with the new static linked binaries that I have to 
>> run because my OS is old and crufty?
> BTW, let me add in the past password worked fine! I hosted many a 
> tourney. This was the first one since the last linux patch.

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