[bf1942] lowercaseDir.py not working?

Philipp Stader me at ph1l.de
Tue Dec 27 09:27:30 EST 2005

Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> On 12/27/05, Philipp Stader <me at ph1l.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> anyone else experiences this problem? I just uploaded some custom maps
>> and tried to the run the script.
> Are you really using a unix filesystem? Renaming a directory via mv
> always works unless you're on something weird such as an NTFS
> filesystem.
Vanilla ext3fs. I though it had to do something with the python version. 
I remember to have used this script without problems few months ago and 
there was a python update in between. I almost done with renaming by 
hand (with mv from the shell ) ;-). Permissions are all fine too. The 
user i ran the script with is owner of all files with 755 permissions on 
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