[bf1942] Well EA, at least you tried.

Sebastian Kleye sebastian.kleye at web.de
Mon Dec 12 13:33:17 EST 2005

SF is the biggest sh*t ever... it comes right after BF:V. But what makes 
me laugh is the easiness to obtain the SF weapons for regular BF2 just 
by letting someone play SF with your account... but after everybody 
knows EA's kind of Q&A this doesn't make me wonder :). If I had spend 
the money for this junk... but I was already healed against these 
marketing tricks after buying BF:V and beeing fooled by EA.

Mikael Bååth wrote:
> About SF... it's fun to see that on the poll on my site it shows that
> ~35% of all players are boycotting it. Then again, the part of the
> community that is on my site isn't the avarage of all Battlefield
> players. Sadly.
> --
> Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
> European Battlefield 2 League founder.
> http://www.eb2l.com

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