[bf1942] I've the BF2 ranked server binaries and now?

steve at sendithere.com steve at sendithere.com
Thu Aug 25 16:07:30 EDT 2005

I show up as ranked, but players points/ranks don't actually accumulate...

EA thus far hasn't been responsive...

On Thursday, August 25, 2005 12:49 pm, Stefano Pepe said:
> Hello all,
> finally EA sent me the BF2 ranked server binary file, that I've
> promptly installed on my linux server. They asked me the IP and port
> of the server too, and also here I've done all the necessary. They
> told me to "wait" and my server will became "ranked" and appear with
> the appropriate flag in the gamebrowser.
> Now it's three days that I've put online my servers, but no ranking
> flag is enabled.
> Here my doubts:
> - first of all I run the two game instances on the same "executable".
> In other words I start two "screen" sessions with +config +pbPath and
> +maplist on a specific path (/server1 and /server2), but all starts
> from the same dir. I've seen that the maplist is some sort of
> "hardcoded" on the ranked server, but It's not a problem now.
> - the two server run on the same IP, with 16567 and 16568 game ports.
> - I'm behind a firewall, and I've manually opened all the necessary
> ports without issues for now.
> I'm wondering if:
> - I need to write "sv.ranked" (but now it gives me an error) in the
> console
> - I need to open some sort of a tcp/udp port on the firewall
> - I need to install the two servers on two separate folders
> Can you help me? My "EA dude" is some sort of community manager, and
> can't help me on technical informations.
> Thank you :)

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